Dinner ingredients

A couple of friends let me know they were excited; “Dinner ingredients – all grown by us. We are SO fortunate.”  I could foresee the wonders of health in a pot and health on a plate. A wedge was cut from their rich round burnt-orange coloured pumpkin.


Scarlet runner beans, potatoes, zucchini, squash, carrot, ginger and coloured chard were the other ingredients.


Vegetables in a supermarket glisten from sprayed waters to make them more enticing. Vegetables straight from the garden seem more vibrant and pulsing with good health, as the photos above show. They are a simple but superb advertisement for growing your own!

Yesterday I picked most of my scarlet runner beans and dark curly leafed Silverbeet – but never thought to photograph them. Must remember to do so with future pickings because the produce seems more alive in those moments. Better.

Tasmanian readers (because this blogsite is titled Tasmanian Discoveries), if you grow vegetables and would be happy for me to draw attention to them in a blog post, please send me your stories and photos to newtyzack@gmail.com.  Happy gardening!

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