Away from the lighthouse – Tasman Island part 5

Once I left the Tasman Island lighthouse I meandered over to a nearby brick outbuilding, generally sniffed around it, moved across to an outdoor storage area, and then stood and studied the bushes and plant in the no go zone beyond.20180407_093153.jpg




20180407_093209.jpgI am not good with the names of native plants so I stood hunting in my very full brain trying to guess what I was looking at. From the air the vegetation had seemed meagre, low level, and comparatively open. On the ground this was clearly not the case.20180407_093444.jpg



20180407_093524.jpgI ambled over to the main old caretaker’s house near the lighthouse.20180407_095406.jpg

20180407_095507.jpgWandered through.  The copper basin reminded me of the copper trough (known as ‘the copper’)  that my Sutton St house had when I moved there as a young child. I know Dad removed it some years later.20180407_093951.jpg


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