Colour at the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens

After I finished my volunteering effort in the Food Garden last Thursday, I walked to the exit via the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Garden’s Conservatory. This is somewhat like a public art gallery in that the exhibits change frequently and you can never guess what might be on show. Last Thursday the glorious displays of bromeliads, begonias and other colourful flowering plants lifted my spirits even further.

 These flowers are so life affirming that I am using the images as my computer screen background.  I give you permission to lift the image and do the same if this will brighten your life.

Elsewhere, as I took a convoluted path to the exit, I fell in love with the shape, colour and movement of these tall grasses.  They reminded me of cascading fireworks. Delightful!

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2 Responses to Colour at the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens

  1. wilfredbooks says:

    They certainly do make a very impressive display. Cheers, Jon.


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