July Vegetables- part 2 of 2

Fellow gardener N has made sure that he has a source of food growing in his garden, and is happy to show you the situation in late July. First up is a photo of a very healthy-leafed dwarf broad bean which is about to flower.


His dark red and rich green ‘Rainbow Chards’ are rich in colour and I realise they will be rich in anti-oxidants which are so good for our health.


N’s English spinach sits in front of a purple globe artichoke. The great thing about chard and spinach is that individual outer leaves can be picked at any time because the plants keep producing more leaves from the centre.


Next up we can see healthily flourishing Russian kale.


N’s final photo show a profusion of Coriander/cilantro plants along with another purple globe artichoke.


I have no doubt that the positioning of these vegetables with a backing of a brick wall has been very helpful; the bricks would hold the warmth of the day’s sun and keep the temperature of the soil higher than out in more open areas which may be prone to frosts. Already some of these plants would be feeding N and his family while others will be edible in the months to come

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