Hobart Brewing Co

For so long, leaving the house for anything that smacks of being remotely social hasn’t been a possibility. Either I have been reluctant to go anywhere where lots of strangers might be encountered, or businesses have stayed closed.

Then recently my sister had a business reason to try out an hospitality operation on Macquarie Point near the centre of Hobart. I agreed to join her and was so pleased to have made that choice. Once again, after months of isolation, I was out; out doing what once would have been considered a normal activity on a Sunday afternoon. Out feeling like I had choices once more. Tasmania is lucky, as yet, not to have had its second wave; currently we have no cases so I have even taken the liberty of not wearing a mask!

But back to our excursion to the Hobart Brewing Co.


We could have sat inside the building near the huge shiny vats of liquor but, since it was a mild winter afternoon with no wind and we were well rugged up, we sat outside with our drinks.


Each bench seat was marked with a couple of crosses showing where people could sit to maintain social distance. The benches were spaced far apart on a very large lot.



Signs indicated people shouldn’t wander around rather they should settle in one spot. And Sanitiser was highly visible for everyone to use at every turn. Not many customers floated into the facility so it felt very safe to be there in an uncrowded place. And need I say that it was exceptionally pleasant to be sipping new varieties of Tasmanian made gin.


The experience reminded me of how civilised life used to be. I am wistful in remembering a relaxed social past which may never come again in that old form. However I am grateful to have opportunities still to visit businesses such as the Hobart Brewing Co.

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