Ginger and turmeric plants

Friend C responded to today’s blog post with a photo of her Hobart grown turmeric and ginger plants.  I was reminded how I also tried to grow turmeric but as usual I didn’t offer it sufficient care and got nothing. Now I am inspired to try again – and, taking C’s lead, I will grow them inside the house. Thanks C.

Turmeric plant


Ginger plant

IMG_2767 ginger

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2 Responses to Ginger and turmeric plants

  1. Anne says:

    Where can I buy tumeric from in Tasmania? I have a hot house and have grown it before but can’t source any in this state atm.


    • I dont know where you live – if in Hobart then Salamanca Fresh are selling it in their veggies section. There is a spice shop in the Wellington Arcade in the Hobart CBD that always has it fresh in their fridge. Not sure about elsewhere in Tassie


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