Lake Pedder

Impulsively, my friend Jeanette and I made the decision to travel to the flooded Lake Pedder at the end of September this year, only a couple of weeks prior to heading off.  The plan was to drive from Hobart on the Friday afternoon and return Sunday evening, with accommodation booked at the Pedder Wilderness Lodge.

In advance we knew that the likelihood of rain was 95% with snow down to 300 metres.  We hoped for but did not expect to see blue skies and the sun.  Gradually I modified my expectations of what might be possible and I decided that, at best, this weekend would be a reconnaissance trip for future excursions. The actual weather experience was one of a combination of rain, snow and sun with some blue sky.  The result was sensational colourings in the clean landscape, and magnificent views of mountains in shades of grey/green/blues.  We decided there was no better time to have been in that area to appreciate the diversity of its beauty.

Overall I was stimulated by every aspect of the journey and felt, on return home, that I was away for a week. The landscape embraced me and held me spell bound in so many places.  The following blog posts record those few days of immense joy.  I hope my story will inspire you to make your own travel plans and discoveries in this wonderful wild world of south west Tasmania.

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