Travelling west

On a sunny afternoon we drove westwards from Hobart, passing through New Norfolk before turning left at Bushy Park and heading towards the small town of Maydena along the Gordon River Road.  As we neared the town, the snow-capped peak of Mt Field West loomed large, and wisps of clouds floated around the lower heavily forested hills. The dramatic scene compelled us to stop and gawk.20170929_152941.jpg

20170929_153003.jpgNot much further along the road, rusted metal cut-outs in the shape of Tasmania’s extinct thylacine made an attractive ‘entrance’ to the wilderness of the south west of this state.  I suspect there is not one bushwalker among us that doesn’t, at some stage when in the bush, look around and wonder if a very private and shy ‘Tasmanian tiger’ (thylacine) is still walking the land and watching them.  Wikipedia provides information about this animal, including the fact that they still roamed the wilderness 80-90 years ago, here ( through the township of Maydena, the clouds moved in and rain started falling.20170929_154649.jpgBut the rain never deterred us. With rain comes incredibly clean air. With clean clear air, details materialise and the colours of nature freely dazzle.  We loved the green mosses at the road edge and the appearances of hill tops and the higher snow-capped peaks around every corner. 20170929_155113.jpg

20170929_154106.jpgThe tall trees edging the road were magnificent.20170929_155333This drive on the Gordon River Road (B61) is perfect for those who want to see variety in the landscape.

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