Sometimes all I need to see is green to lift my spirits. Two years ago when I sailed to the white of Antarctica, this was something I learnt that I needed. For over 12 days I saw no green natural foliage and I was desperate for it. Everyone knew that when the ship arrived at Ushuaia, my first priority was to jump off the ship and hug a tree.

So, it should not surprise you that, as I passed a house recently I looked down into their yard to see a sea of luxurious juicy green grass. I loved its pattern of partly flattened leaves; the effect of a rainy downpour.

These days this photo sits as the background on my computer, and while it will be replaced from time to time, it is likely to get a few turns when the summer dries out our vegetation and browns and yellows become the prevailing colours.  If you need to see green then ‘lift’ this photo and use to keep you calm.

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