Birds in a moment

One of my blog followers TasView recently sent photos he had taken of local birds. This is someone with the right equipment, immense skill and knowledge, and an enormous amount of patience. These three ingredients have melded together to produce the following stunning photos. I am sure you will be as much in awe as I am, and that you will smile with the pleasure they give.

T says ‘I took a few bird photos in the garden on Saturday and have been editing them. Not the best time of the year but there’s still a few species visiting.



Above you can see a Little Wattlebird surveying the landscape.



Above you will see a fat healthy New Holland Honeyeater with a rather fierce eye.

T continued, in relation to the photo below, ‘Here’s a wild currawong I got friendly with – took me a few months to get him eating out of my hand.’ The Black Currawong is only found in Tasmania and it’s offshore islands.


If you want to see more of his work then have a look at his site TasView here. Many thanks T. Love your work!

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6 Responses to Birds in a moment

  1. Nei Morrison says:

    Hi Helen,

    I’m no bird expert but fairly sure No. 2 bird is a New Holland Honeyeater – not New England. Great photos regardless.



    Sent from my iPad



  2. TasView says:

    Thank you Helen so much for the high praise and kind words! I think I’m blushing. Re-posting on the tasview blog. Cheers!


  3. TasView says:

    Reblogged this on TasView and commented:
    Small collaboration with another Tasmanian blogger whom I initially met though one of her websites – Walking the Derwent. Have a look around – www., lots of wonderful posts and adventures around Tasmania 🙂


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