Bruny Island 13 of 15

From the southern end of Adventure Bay we travelled north, then west, then through Alonnah before turning south and passing  the town of Lunawanna.  A while later, through the trees we could see a little of Cloudy Bay Lagoon then Cloudy Bay to our left, to the east.  20190413_162640.jpgTo the west of the road, the land has been reduced and sculpted by Great Taylors Bay. We were not on a thin isthmus like the one separating north and south Bruny, however I would expect in a few million years it will be a narrow bridge and then the southern area with the lighthouse will become an island soon afterwards – ‘soon’ in geological time.

Then the white column of the Bruny Island lighthouse appeared on the horizon.20190413_163035.jpg

20190413_163040.jpgIn a rush we arrived, donned our winter woollies and headed uphill to the lighthouse.  Across Cloudy Bay, in the far distance sitting on the ocean,  I could see The Friars where earlier in the day I had watched the Australian Fur Seals resting. 20190413_163504.jpgI liked the look of Cloudy Bay, the shore line and the surrounding hills and I thought walking there in the future would be a joy.  20190413_163518.jpg

20190413_164426.jpgThe 1836 lighthouse – well you can’t miss it.    20190413_164010.jpg


20190413_164103.jpgJeanette’s photo below gives some indication of the steep path to the lighthouse.20190413_164202.jpgViews to southern mainland Tasmania – the area south of Recherche Bay to South East Point was visible.20190413_164133.jpgThe sky changed as I was about to go back downhill and leave the area.20190413_164209.jpgThe daylight was coming to an end so we returned to our accommodation, and started to make plans for tomorrow; for our last day on Bruny.

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