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Opportunities to volunteer elsewhere in Tassie

Tasmania‚Äôs Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment is offering a range of extraordinary volunteering opportunities. Perhaps some blog followers may be interested to pursue one of the five options in the south of the state or the one … Continue reading

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Land of opportunity

I live in a land of opportunity. That I am free to pick and choose the activities on which I volunteer my time, is a wonderful privilege. That people and organisations give me the opportunity to volunteer (despite health crises, … Continue reading

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Volunteering for CCC

Accompanying my recent rates notice from the Clarence City Council was a newsletter containing a story of gardening volunteers. In the absence of being able to continue volunteering at the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens (RTBG) I offered my services. After … Continue reading

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RTBG The world is now a different place

Unless you were having a long sleep under a log deep in an impenetrable forest, you would be experiencing massive changes to the way you think and what you do each day as a result of the COVID virus impacting … Continue reading

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