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The end of summer in a Lindisfarne garden

On Sunday, members of the Hobart’s Eastern Shore Permaculture Tasmania group visited the fruit and vegetable garden of a couple of our members in the suburb of Lindisfarne. Situated on the other side of a hill from where I live, … Continue reading

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Spots in the landscape

Every day I realise the extent of my ignorance, especially ignorance about the natural world around me -and particularly within Tasmania which I often assume I know best. When recently I read the January issue of ABC’s Gardening Australia magazine … Continue reading

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The grand achievement of 2020

On a number of occasions last year, long term blog followers read (for example read here) about Chorus Master June Tyzack leading the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra chorus out of the restricting mental and sometimes physical spaces associated with the Covid … Continue reading

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A trip to South West Tasmania–thought for the voyage-6 of 26

Crew member David alerted me to an idea, a fact, something obvious once you know it, but the sort of consideration which might never have passed your mind. ‘The wind is silent until it hits something’. You never hear the … Continue reading

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Going west to Strathgordon-part 1 of 3

Last Saturday, mid-morning my friend and I set out for a calm and unmeasured drive into western Tasmania – to a location way north of the relatively inaccessible Port Davey and Bathurst Harbour, and south east from the west coast … Continue reading

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Out west to Lake Pedder and beyond

On Saturday I travelled to the area around Lake Pedder and Strathgordon before settling into the comfortable Pedder Wilderness Lodge, then returning today (on Monday). Three years ago I undertook another journey to this remote part of Tasmania – not … Continue reading

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RTBG’s convict wall gets a facelift

The recent months, affected by the invasion of the Covid 19 virus, have not been all bad.  Government funds have created job opportunities to support major and minor community projects. One such example of this largesse was funding to the … Continue reading

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Lauderdale to Cremorne Part 1 of 2

I have been seriously considering, even planning, to undertake the four day Three Capes Track walk in south eastern Tasmania, and to do so within the next few weeks. I have the mental fitness for the effort but my concern … Continue reading

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Are weeds more important than we realise?

Thanks to John for this BBC article. Previously, in many blog posts, I have talked about the nutritional and medicinal value of many of the plants we routinely label as weeds in Tasmania. After reading the BBC story I wondered … Continue reading

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Opportunities to volunteer elsewhere in Tassie

Tasmania’s Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment is offering a range of extraordinary volunteering opportunities. Perhaps some blog followers may be interested to pursue one of the five options in the south of the state or the one … Continue reading

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