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Drying herbs

The drying of herbs predates civilisation as we know it. But this is a process that I have never done and I can’t give you a good reason for not having done so.  Which means I have wasted lots of … Continue reading

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Name change and reclassification of a common herb

Did you know that the herb Rosemary has been reclassified into the Sage family?  Thanks to friend K I found this out recently. Read here for more information. During my Science of Gardening courses last year I learnt that plants have … Continue reading

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Masses of confusion

I like the idea of self-seeding plants and mixtures of plants in one area. Just as my cosmos and marigold plants hide tomatoes, I want to see more of this idea across my garden. I want to create an environment … Continue reading

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Making my own ‘cups of soup’ mix

Based on the tip given to me, I have been drying the runts of home grown silver beet/chard etc; these are the final leaves after a summer of large leaves but all nutritious even though diminished in size. A large … Continue reading

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RTBG Thursday 31st October

When I thought of pine cones, the image which came to mind was of large heavy seed free pods that litter the ground at certain times of the year and then get scooped up for Christmas wreath creations. Once upon … Continue reading

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