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Green tomato sauce

In the month of June in cooling Tasmania, tomato plants should not be growing and flowering but so many of my cherry tomatoes were. From experience, I remember this has always happened and I have let them continue to flourish … Continue reading

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Hey presto it is pesto

While this was never intended to become a fresh produce blog and then a food blog, this particular post might have you wondering. A few years ago I stopped over in Abu Dhabi for a day and experienced an exceptional … Continue reading

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Drying herbs

The drying of herbs predates civilisation as we know it. But this is a process that I have never done and I can’t give you a good reason for not having done so.  Which means I have wasted lots of … Continue reading

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Making my own ‘cups of soup’ mix

Based on the tip given to me, I have been drying the runts of home grown silver beet/chard etc; these are the final leaves after a summer of large leaves but all nutritious even though diminished in size. A large … Continue reading

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Patatas Bravas with green-tomato sauce

I had hoped to make relish but sauce was all I could manage. Red tomato sauce always looks appealing and dramatic. A green/brown mixture has no such appeal. Therefore, I’ve been giving a great deal of thought as to how … Continue reading

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