The Conservatory

Thursday’s volunteering at the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens happened amidst blustery breezes and overcast skies. Nevertheless the harvesting of fresh produce, weeding and hoeing around the tea plantation and across under trees including the bananas, and the podding of soy beans continued. 

The robust onions and green leaves of lettuces and silver beet picked, for donation to charity, undoubtedly will be much appreciated.

In addition, because recent strong winds had blown over some skyward growing sun flowers, some needed removal and replacement with healthy new plants.

As I left the Food Garden for the day, my rediscovery of other wonders in the Botanical Gardens continued.  Normally I take the paths giving the shortest route to the exit.  On Thursday I rerouted my walk through the Conservatory. 

A protected space, walled in with a ceiling, and a door at either end, this is a presentation ‘hall’. Whereas the Food Garden is about learning and education, the Conservatory is a display space without labels. Designed to wow, it never fails to surprise. As with public art galleries where temporary art exhibitions come and go, the potted plants in the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Garden’s  Conservatory are always being replaced to create new wondrous combinations.

You walk in to a sense of generous lusciousness.  Glorious sandstone arch bays provide the frame for plant panoramas.

At the moment orchids predominate.

While the orchids are everywhere, other spectacular plants are guaranteed to lift your spirits.

My deviations from the normal path has opened my eyes to how much can be missed, and I look forward to making new discoveries or rediscoveries at the Botanical Gardens over coming weeks.  Maybe I should check what I am doing in my life and make some deviations?

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7 Responses to The Conservatory

  1. Barbara Burton says:

    Beautiful photos Thank you for sharing


  2. Bruce says:

    I had quite a chuckle at that last sentence.🤣


  3. Bruce T says:

    I had quite a chuckle at that last sentence. 🤣

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  4. wilfredbooks says:

    The conservatory looks great! Thanks for the photos 😀


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