Rediscovering Freycinet part 7 of 7

Time to head home. We pointed the car southwards and started the journey.

During the Wineglass Bay Cruise the crew shucked fresh oysters for us. On enquiry they were not from the local Freycinet Oyster farm rather from further south near the settlement of Dolphin Sands. We listened to directions and on our return trip to Hobart called into the Melshell Oyster Shack. The owner explained that, apart from selling to the casual visitor, they sold their oysters only to four restaurants in the Freycinet area and to Pennicott’s Wineglass Bay Cruise. This was not a glamorous site developed for mass tourism. It was a simple set up but one where I felt very comfortable. Pleasantly sitting in the sun, we shared a dozen fresh-shucked oysters, and took home an extra dozen each. Delicious. I feel so sorry for those who have never acquired a taste for these tempting morsels. Tasmania has a number of oyster farms scattered around the state and the oysters from each are discernibly different.

As we left Melshell, we took one last look at the mountains of the Freycinet Peninsula in the distance.

From time to time we stopped and, after stepping from the car, enjoyed the sea air and the immense spaces. Such a place was at the top of the hill from Spiky Beach.

The east coast is blessed with dozens of beaches, usually without a soul walking along them for most of the day. All perfect for a swim, a picnic or a stroll. Some with camping sites nearby. In future I will be happier to explore more of these than to visit mass tourism sites.

I named this blog post series with ‘Freycinet’ but that downplays the beauty and value of the whole trek along the east coast, the extraordinary views from outstanding vantage points above the water and down at beach and rock level. The destination was the Freycinet peninsula, but it was the journey there and back as well as the Freycinet experiences that enriched this holiday.

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