Rediscovering Freycinet part 5 of 7

The third morning the day started with a stroll along Richardson’s Beach, a sandy arc that extends between Coles Bay and the Freycinet Lodge.

Across the sand was evidence that thousands of crabs had burrowed into the sand at the edge of the high tide water line.

Over time middens have been exposed by weather and people. These are the ‘rubbish’ tips containing the shell refuse after indigenous people had collected crustaceans as an important food source, that were created before European settlement. Oyster shells were clearly in sight.

Before leaving the Freycinet Lodge domain, but on the way to the start of the track leading to The Lookout (at the top of a ridge between Mt Amos and Mt Mawson), my view included three of the boulder shaped peaks of the Freycinet Peninsula.

Another gorgeous day.

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