Pure musical sounds

Last year I published a story leading readers to the inspirational Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra Chorus singing out in the open as an antidote to the restrictions caused by the Covid pandemic. You can read about that here and here.

Now a selection of musicians from the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra (TSO), in the form of the Van Diemens Band are about to perform in a number of Tasmanian locations. They have provided a seven minute video as a taster. It’s a brilliant lure. The musicians and singers are performing from various parts of the grounds of Spring Bay Mill in Triabunna on the east coast of Tasmania.

The promotional material I received was:

Celebrate the festive season with Van Diemen’s Band Christmas, a family-friendly concert of some of the most gorgeous Christmas music from throughout the ages. Van Diemen’s Band Christmas also showcases the expertise of many TSO musicians, including Jennifer and Meriel Owen, Matthew Goddard, Martin Penicka and Simone Walters, along with celebrated TSO alumni Brett Rutherford and Michael Fortescue. You can catch Van Diemen’s Band Christmas at Cygnet Town Hall on Thursday 16 December at 6pm, St David’s Cathedral Hobart on Friday 17 December at 6pm, Holy Trinity Church Launceston on Saturday 18 December at 2pm and Spring Bay Mill Triabunna on Sunday 19 December at 3pm. In addition to Van Diemen’s Band, you’ll hear the heavenly voices of the TYO Tas Youth Chorale (Cygnet, Hobart and Triabunna) and Crescendo Choir (Launceston and Triabunna).

Here’s a taste of what you can expect – a haunting Catalan carol, Song of the Birds – performed by Van Diemen’s Band, soprano Quin Thomson and the TYO Tas Youth Chorale. It was filmed on location at Spring Bay Mill, Triabunna.

Now watch the entrancing video to see stunning landscapes and hear beautiful music. Sublime. Inspired. Uplifting.

If you love what you saw and heard, and live in Tasmania, then book into a concert. You can book directly with the TSO by phoning the box office on 1800 001 190.

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