Climbing Cradle Mountain

From time to time I link this blog to the wonderful online magazine Tasmanian Geographic.  The latest issue has lifted my spirits and I expect you will find it extremely inspirational. 

The area around Cradle Mountain is an icon destination location on Tasmania’s tourist trail. It is actively promoted as one of the places around our state where lush native mountain vegetation provides an environment for wild animals such as possums, wallabies and wombats to live and be seen going about their business.

Near the base of Cradle Mountain is the northern starting point for those taking the renowned Overland Track southwards to Lake St Clair, normally a six day walk. I have walked that track, and pottered around the Cradle Mountain area but I have never climbed Cradle Mountain itself. Now, with this latest magazine issue and a detailed video I realise I must return. The article is here and, within, is the link to a You Tube video. Please be sure to click on the full screen view to ‘take you’ to that landscape; the drama of the music adds to the majesty of the place.

As usual there is much more in the latest issue of Tasmanian Geographic, a volunteer run magazine.  I urge you to read more of the pictorial stories and perhaps subscribe – or maybe you have a Tassie story to tell which might get published within.

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2 Responses to Climbing Cradle Mountain

  1. Chantale says:

    Thanks Helen, great video. Takes me back to the beginning of the year when I was doing the overland track, although did not climb Cradle either and I don’t think ever will so nice to see it while laying in bed😘


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