Gum: The story of eucalypts & their champions

If I was pressured to name one plant that was ‘absolutely Australian’ I would say the gum tree / eucalypt. Of course, I realise that eucalypts are found around the world however it is the variety and diverse natures of gum trees across all the different habitats and elevations of Australia that I think of first. Therefore, I am going to be fascinated to hear what the author of the new book, Ashley Hay has to say during this webinar, and then to read her book.

You can register now here for this free online opportunity offered by Avid booksellers.

Note the time of the webinar on the information is Queensland time not Eastern Summer Time.  The bookstore’s reminder email usually points this out.  For overseas blog readers, I recommend you google to be sure Queensland’s lack of daylight saving time adjustment is taken into account.

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