Discouraging codling moth from your apples and pears

In past blog posts (eg here and here) I have talked about my methods for trying to prevent codling moth tunnelling their way into my beautiful apples; basically I have been using agricultural glue on cardboard wrapped around branches and trunks and hoping this will trap the little critters. While my intent has been sound, my application has never been regular and thorough enough to cause the major discouragement I need.  This year will be different I have vowed!  Already I have changed the cardboard more frequently – but has it been enough. I don’t know. The area around the tree trunks are covered with nasturtium plants which apparently are useful as a deterrent.  Time will tell.

I was pleased when an October Goodlifepermaculture newsletter included an short note:

Managing Codling Moth – While some pest and diseases can be tolerated in small amounts, codling moth is not one of those as it will devastate your apple crops and make you cry. This video builds on one of our older blogs and shows you exactly what you can do to keep codling moth out of your apples and out of your life! I hope it helps! Watch it here.

If you are growing apples and pears, then maybe some of the techniques from this blog post might help prevent the intrusion of codling moth.

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