RTBG Thursday 16th September 2021

A glorious blue sky golden sunshine day in springtime Tasmania!  We basked in the warmth and weeding became a joy, as our team of volunteer worked away companionably in the Food Garden of the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens (RTBG).

The garlic patches needed a great deal of attention and, over the hours, we methodically cleared those pesty plants that wanted to use up the goodness of the soil and deplete the resources needed by the garlic.

We all felt a great deal of satisfaction when one bed was cleared.

After our lunch break with wandering magpies showing an interest in our food, we tackled the weeds in the second large bed.

Later I wandered around the remainder of the Food Garden to check on progress. I was particularly attracted to a bed with three different vegetables:the large leafed Kale topped turnip, the frilly mustard and the dark leaved lettuce. It was a great reminder to mix up plants in a bed.

Then I walked to the orchard where some fruit trees have yet to blossom, some have finished blossoming and are now leafing up, while others are glorious in their blossom. A swag of trees seemed dormant. The apple arbor is leafless but, on close inspection, fleshy buds are about to burst open any moment.

The European Corella Pear trees, espaliered near the convict brick wall, were full of flowers being serviced by buzzing bees.

In one bed, cabbages were beset by destructive insects, whereas elsewhere healthy untouched specimens were growing grandly.

The Boysenberry was in flower and early fruits were forming on other parts of the canes.

The abundance. The fresh growth. The health. All combined with clean fresh air and happy visitors, made RTBG’s Food Garden a delight and a must visit location – if you can.

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