Traversing Tasmania

For Tasmanian bushwalkers, and any mainlanders willing to risk being shut out of their state through new lockdowns, there are many tracks to follow, and maps to guide your way in the unsettled parts of this state. I have noticed over the past year or so, while people have been less comfortable about travelling to the mainland to join with a wandering virus, that more blogs, Facebook and other online records have reported in words and photographs some of our state’s natural treasures.

Amongst the offerings, recently I discovered the stories of Becca Lunnon in the latest issue of Tasmanian Geographic, an online magazine that publishes occasionally throughout the year. In particular, she reported on her crossing of the Du Cane Range in Tasmania’s remarkable central area.  You can read the story here.

I am including one of Becca’s superb photos to whet your appetite for more.


In turn, this article led me to her blogsite, rockmonkeyadventures which I know you will love. On the right hand side of the screen you will see a list of Categories. These represent the remote places she has walked and from which she has created an informative and colourful blog post.

Perhaps her enthusiasm and her adventures will inspire other Tasmanians to tackle easy or more challenging walks. But overall, I hope it will offer encouragement to get out of the house, forget about work, and wallow in the winter gorgeousness of our landscape.

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