No Spray Register – instead kill your own weeds if you must

The Clarence City Council, which manages the area in which I live, has taken the initiative to allow residents to opt out of their weed spraying program which routinely patrols the suburban streets and sprays weeds to kill. 

I don’t know they products they use, but I know my methods are clean and hazard free.  Therefore, I have taken up their offer to opt out and, instead, I will control my own weeds on the footpath and road edge.

If you live on the eastern shore of the Greater Hobart Area, then you must apply before next Wednesday 30th June to be considered.  Go to:

There is an online application form on which you must explain how you will manage the weeds. My techniques are manual and simple: boiling water or, after rainfall when plants and their roots can be extracted easily and in one piece, I will pull those weeds.  I wait with interest to learn whether my application has been accepted.

There is an opportunity to add a photo showing exactly where you will manage the weeds.  I used the ‘snipping tool’ that comes as an accessory with MS WORD and created a JPEG. Then, before uploading onto the application, I opened the image in MS PAINT and drew a thick red line around the space that I am happy to take responsibility for.

If you are going to take my lead, there is only one obstacle to be faced. The online form requires the PID or Property number and claims this is on your rates notice. Alas. This was not something I could find. From a phone call, I can tell you the number to use is at the bottom of the rates notice and is next to the words: BPAY View Registration no:  And please don’t ask me why.

If your local government does not offer this wonderful service then I recommend you strongly urge them to undertake a similar process.  If each of us can help to stop fungicides and pesticides and other chemicals entering our water system, then that is to the benefit of the planet and ultimately to each of us.

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4 Responses to No Spray Register – instead kill your own weeds if you must

  1. In many European countries they use steam to control weeds. I understood Clarence was going to look at this. It costs only the labour. And no poison.

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  2. wilfredbooks says:

    It would certainly be helpful for this sort of scheme to be adopted more widely.


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