Kayaking, spiders, a synagogue and giant trees

What do these items have in common?

The answer is the Tasmanian Geographic online magazine.  In Issue 54 published last November, four extraordinary exposes introduce you to Tasmanian landscapes, insects, and a way to enjoy the environment. I learnt Tasmania is home to a number of jumping spiders (hmmm), a little of the history of Judaism in Tasmania which casts back to the days when the state was still named Van Diemens Land, and I discovered that our forests are being laser scanned. And please – arachnophobes – have a look.  The spiders are so very beautiful. Their photographs won’t hurt you!

The glorious photographs can be seen and the details can be read here.

Collectively these stories provide one more reminder of the fascination which both locals have about their state, Tasmania, as well as those from ‘foreign lands’.

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