Waste not Produce – at Cygnet

Here is the latest report from the intrepid vegetable and fruit produce gatherers and distributors, Robyn and Andrew.

‘WASTE NOT PRODUCE’  CYGNET MARKET 21 FEBRUARY 2021 Today was our first market for the year – and it was fabulous. The 2021 Waste Not Produce bar has been set very high.

It was a busy day in Cygnet – when is it not busy in Cygnet these days? – with our market table set up in the hall and absolutely loaded with donated fresh produce and flowers. We had trouble squeezing in to our allotted corner – we had so many plums, apples, early quinces, colourful flowers, lavender, vegies, rhubarb (yes, Stan’s famous rhubarb featured) and.……zucchinis. It was colourful, and (unlike Andrew after turning hot compost) it smelt good.

We came home this afternoon with some unsold plums and apples (which we have found a home for), a few straggling quinces…. and some zucchinis (we thought there’d be more), but were able to donate $421.50 to a very grateful Raptor Refuge in Kettering.

A humble thanks to all – gardeners, friends, customers, the support is strong. Special thanks to Cygnet Community Hub for their generosity and smooth running of such a vibrant market. Life doesn’t get any better than here in Southern Tassie.

We hope to see you at the next Cygnet Market – Sunday 7th March at 10am – it really is the place to be seen! We’ll be there, trying to jump over that bar…

If you have any excess garden produce at any time – trees loaded with fruit that needs picking, rhubarb threatening to take over, zucchinis that have taken over – please get in touch with us. We are happy to come and harvest with you, or we do accept deliveries at our Woodbridge home. If it is the off-market week, that’s ok, we will harvest/collect and take directly to one of the amazing charities that are working tirelessly in the background for the good of our community. For our own sanity, our harvest/collection days are Friday/Saturday of any week.

We just thank our lucky stars that we are here and can do this. Robyn Payne and Andrew Geddes, Waste Not Produce Ph 0400 998037 (Robyn) or 0419 484010 (Andrew) Email – robyn.miles58@gmail.com

By the way, Robyn has grown a glut of zucchinis this year so that kilos have been pickled and otherwise used. Recently she discovered a tasty recipe for zucchini hommos which you can read here – then make to enjoy.

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