Dining on fresh produce

From time to time our Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens (RTBG) Food Garden volunteers meet at one of our homes, wander the garden and look at what is being grown and then share a lunch made with as many fruits and vegetables from our own gardens as we can.  One such event was held recently.

 Our host was growing his tomatoes in very large pots and half wine barrels. He had staked them well and tied the strands so there was air passing through and each plant was cropping well. I was very impressed with how large and healthy the plants were.

He was growing many varieties and offered samples from three different plants. What a joy! To have time and space to taste the difference and to appreciate how extraordinary this fruit is.  What a privilege.

Then the platters of food were spread and we helped ourselves.  The photos below omit the images with meat – barbecued meat never looks as fresh and exciting as food made with fruit and vegetables so I have chosen not to include them here.

Over the remainder of the afternoon we settled into talking about food and planning to grow more, and as usual we were learning from each other.

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