RTBG – Thursdays in the new year

Weeks have passed since I last wrote about the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens (RTBG) and what was happening in the Food Garden. On the first Thursday of this month some of the team bounded into the Food Garden happily ready to do a day’s volunteering; Lesley told me ‘Neil and I got to select 2 pumpkins per giant pumpkin plant and cut the longest stems back from taking over the sweet corn nearby. Then we weeded around the pumpkins and planted 2 new silver beet beds with Janet. Sorry no photos I had to rush off…’ Thanks for the news. Last Thursday Pam recorded the activities and noted ‘Lots of work removing all the oxalis today’. For most gardeners, oxalis is a terrifyingly difficult weed to eradicate, however it has its virtues and more can be read here. I have been promising to make an oxalis soup and perhaps it is time for me to act, and share.

Pam thoughtfully sent me the following photos which show the volunteering efforts in a portion of this very productive garden.

Many thanks to the contributors to this blog post.

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