A trip to South West Tasmania – seeing from on high at Bramble Cove-18 of 26

Bramble Cove is near the entrance to the Bathurst Channel on the northern side. Again we motored through the south passage behind the Breaksea Islands. After mooring at the Cove, a crew member offered the chance to the three who had previously climbed the mast and passed over the platform to go up even higher. The three jumped at the opportunity and agreed to help furl the sails more thoroughly. Once harnessed they were taught a couple of necessary knots. I watched them practising the clove hitch knot.

I was super-impressed as they scaled the rope ladders with ease, then dragged themselves onto the first platform before ascending to the second set of sails.

The next photo by Ralph on high looking down at a friend, shows it was definitely a laughing matter, albeit of happy exhilaration I imagine. The second photo was taken from the other side of the mast as they furled the sails.


On either side of the mast two people ‘walked’ out on specific ropes and stood balancing with their feet out behind them with their upper bodies roughly collapsed over the sail arm. Under instruction from the crew member they used their new found knowledge to tie up the sails.

Later we all sat down for a sushi lunch. Thanks Ralph for this photo of a few of us at the diner tucking in.

Outside two other yachts had moved in. It was rare to see signs of other humans so we watched with interest.

As the afternoon commenced, we prepared to disembark and climb towards Mt Stokes.

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