A trip to South West Tasmania- dinner on land-15 of 26

Once in Bathurst Harbour, instead of travelling towards the ship, the Captain directed our zodiac to the jetty landing at Clayton’s Corner which we had explored the previous day. Why? What was going on? Shall we wait on the jetty? ‘No, go up to the house’ commanded the Captain.

A fellow passenger ‘smelt a rat’ and I noted smoke rising from the chimney. Inside Win and Clyde’s house, the First Mate was organising our dinner as a surprise treat. The open fire was throwing out welcome heat and we all sat companionably.

The other zodiac load of passengers and crew arrived. Within all the activity, food plus glasses of wine which had been brought across from the ship, were distributed (it was always a ‘dry argument’ for the crew during the voyage) and we drank a toast to Win and Clyde. I remember being served a plate of curried chick peas and rice and enjoying sipping a glass of Tasmanian red wine.

Rob’s photos show a very relaxed group, and I was happy.

Finally the party was over and, as dusk descended, we made the return to our ship. Ralph recorded the evening in the following photos.

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