RTBG – Thursday 4th December 2020

Despite what I thought was my early arrival in the Food Garden of the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Garden (RTBG), it was obvious three others had been hard at work methodically clearing weeds from a large garden patch (the one with Yakon and asparagus and rhubarb and more) . I joined in followed later by another couple so that by lunch time we had achieved dominance over those unwanted plants allowing some of the area to be mulched to keep new weeds from flourishing.

Meanwhile Tony picked the broad beans for charity and cleared the dead and dying broad bean plants. After lunch we weeded that and other beds, dug the soil over, spread compost and strew Rocket Fuel pellets to nourish the soil.  All in preparation for next week when a grand planting can be one of our many jobs.

I wandered a while and looked at the achievements of previous weeks and recent strong growth of the giant pumpkins, zucchinis and the tomatoes in particular.

The corn seedlings seemed happy.

And I loved the colourful drama of one of the artichoke flowers.

All the while we chatted about plants, our own gardens, gardens far away which needed weeding, Botanical Gardens elsewhere in Australia, and the future adventures and travels we all hope to make to see other gardens. Sometimes we ducked under cover from the occasional shower of rain (we want to sack the weather forecasters – don’t they know it is Thursday when sun is always expected in the Food Garden) and enjoyed a brew of tea made from our camellia sinensis bushes (we noted the stock of prepared tea leaves is decreasing so further tip picking is required). During one of these stopovers Neil noted an insect he had carried with him by accident.

I looked here and attempted to make an identification. The closest I could come to was a Bark Gnawing Beetle but I can see the fellow in the photo has certain features which count out this option. Or is it a Reticulated Beetle?   Then I realised that beetles and bugs are in different categories.  Is this a Flat or Bark Bug – see here – somehow I don’t think it is. What do you think this is?

I am happy to report last Thursday was another day of visible achievement helping to keep the RTBG looking at its best, accompanied by good company while working amiably outdoors in the clean fresh air.

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4 Responses to RTBG – Thursday 4th December 2020

  1. TasView says:

    I truely admire your efforts! Now, to get off WordPress and into my garden!! You’ve inspired me.


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