From sad news to simply different news.

Previously in this blog I extolled the virtues of Robyn and Andrew’s selfless collection of vegetable and fruit produce that might otherwise have gone to waste, the selling of it then the donation of all the money to a local group in need.

Last week I learnt that, sadly, the Margate market will no longer operate. Robyn and Andrew’s stall always had a steady following and most produce was sold at the end of each Wednesday market. However other stall holders were selling little and disinclined to continue. Just because the market has stopped operating doesn’t mean the vegetables and fruits have stopped growing –  there will always be an excess and no two weeks will be the same in terms of the type and volume of produce that may be obtainable.

It is not surprising that  Robyn and Andrew have been looking for ways in which they can continue to disperse such foodstuffs by sale, so they can continue to make donations across the Huon Channel community.  They are looking for what two people can do effectively, two who are volunteering, without a project taking over their lives. Preparing for and operating their market stall has taken approximately three days out of each week and their other commitments prevent them giving any more time. A few days ago they were looking for ideas to prevent vegetable waste in combination with helping fund needy local groups; I thought you might have ideas.

But nothing holds back this couple. Already they have found and are committed to providing a market stall at Brookfield. Robyn says ‘I went to Brookfield – which is an enterprise located at Margate (the Northern side of town, closer to Hobart) which consists of a cafe/restaurant, Saturday markets, a community garden and second hand shop etc. A lovely community hub. Anyway, I’ve booked a spot for our table from Saturday 14/11As they are not affiliated with Council (as the other market was) it’s more casual, so I just have to let them know each week whether we will be there. It’s a vibrant hub and should have more customers for us.

Perhaps you will see them there on the 14th?

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