Spring produce at the Margate market

My Kettering friends are at it again. Yes once again, they are collecting surplus produce from home fruit and vegetable growers in the Channel area south of Hobart and taking it to market. You can read past stories here and here.

Robyn and Andrew set up a stall in Margate each Wednesday and sell this excess produce, then they donate all proceeds taking nothing out for personal expenses. A range of local small organisations benefit. Andrew tells me that it is a challenge to find groups to give money to. If a group is already funded even partly by government then donations of money make their financial situation difficult. Presentations have been made to local clubs to let them know what is happening. If you live down the Channel and are involved with any community group that would love some financial support, please follow up at the Margate market.

The photo below shows what they took to market at the beginning of October.

Here are a couple of photos from a recent stall.

Below, the photo shows a selection of the produce lined up along their home hallway ready for taking to market last Wednesday.

I remain super impressed by their initiative, their energy and the way they live and promote their personal values.  Great job!

If you have time to visit the market, you will see that the produce is freshly picked the day before. When you make a purchase you will be able to bask in the satisfaction of acquiring food that is surplus and won’t be wasted. Sharing benefits everyone, as well as the environment.

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