Tasmanian Geographic

Occasionally I mention the glorious and fascinating online magazine, Tasmanian Geographic. The latest issue No 53 contains 4 articles and each has wowed me. Collectively they will take you days to look at, consider and digest.

The Editor sent me this note:

TG #53: Skiing Cradle Mountain + The Rim of the World + Goblin Forest on Two Wheels  + Aerial Landscape. Amazing how much can change in a few months. Our island in the corner of the world is doing alright, all things considered, and we hope it won’t be too long before we can welcome visitors again. Of course, they say, never waste a good crisis, so we’ve been very busy here at TG Central. In this long-anticipated Issue #53, you’ll discover new ways of travelling across our island. We’ll zip down a steep dolerite gully on skis with Ben Armstrong, who has kindly strapped a GoPro to his helmet to capture the experience. It’s a remarkably calming experience, if a bit terrifying! (just a bit…I could hardly breathe!!!) We’ll tramp across the remote Central Plateau mountains to the edge of Lake Saint Clair (I loved the isolation and ‘empty’ bush) with Andrew Szollosi, who is now publishing a beautiful alpine journal at Mountains of Tasmania. For another fast and fluid helmet-cam experience, we discover the joys of Northeast Tasmania’s mountain bike trails on board with the Tracks Less Travelled crew (Gave me a chance to mountain bike without the effort – and the fear). We then reconnect with ‘Into the Wild Films’, (formerly Selmes Filmes) who have shared a full hour of luscious footage of carefully captured aerial photography. You can watch different parts of the video, or enjoy the still screen captures, but I recommend you treat yourself to the whole experience. (and so do I – at the site you will find a list of the places which are filmed and the timing on the film).’

These days I am thankful for GoPros and Drones. If you were not already in love with Tasmania, then the stories, photos and films in this Tasmanian Geographic magazine should persuade you to add it to your bucket list of places to visit and enjoy in the future.  Meanwhile subscribe to the magazine to get your fix at a distance; go here and provide support.

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