Lauderdale to Cremorne Part 2 of 2

Eventually, we reached the junction with the Calvert’s Hill Nature Reserve where the track changed to a single file ex cow track along which we meandered across the hills.

After a period of joyful walking, we reached the other side of this Reserve and found it similarly gated. We passed through and continued to Cremorne along a wider track.

As we walked, we could see the tree planting handiwork of a landcare group.

Then Cremorne Beach came into view.

Not long after, we descended stairs to Cremorne Beach, all the while looking down through the feathery Casuarina trees.

Onto the beach and walking past shacks and houses built at the sand edge.

Finally, as I was about to walk up out through the sand dunes to our waiting cars, I looked back in the direction from which we had walked.

Signage at the end of the walk was instructive.

What was the outcome of this walk? I felt exhilarated. I felt my body opening up as I breathed freely in those wonderful open spaces. I was endlessly stimulated by the expansive views and generally loved the experience. Did it help me make a decision to walk the Three Capes Track? Yes it did. I loved the walk but my body hated the stairs; inclines are fine both up and down, but stairs … nah. I know that a great deal of the Three Capes Track involves stairs and so, at this stage, I have decided not to take that walk. But it is not off the agenda altogether for the future.

Meanwhile I remain grateful for my local government’s initiatives, building of and support for walking trails around our city. More can be read about this example of Hobart’s Greater Trails here, and about Tasmanian beaches and more here.

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2 Responses to Lauderdale to Cremorne Part 2 of 2

  1. Thanks for this. I did mays beach (accessing from Forest Hill Rd) a couple of months ago but I couldn’t find the access from the Lauderdale end so your report has helped me. Looking forward to walking the full length of the track… just need a walking buddy to organise the car shuttle with.


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