RTBG on Thursday 24 Sept- part 3 of 3

While I pulled Flick Weed/Bitter Cress ‘weeds’ from beneath the tea bushes, other fellow volunteers were hard at work elsewhere in the Food Garden of the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens (RTBG). A selection of brassicas, large purple leafed mustards and cumquats were harvested ready for distribution to charities.

Everyone else was clearing sections of weeds and other spreading plants such as nasturtiums. Once areas were cleared, either the soil was turned over in preparation for future planting, or mulched with straw to help retain the moisture.

After lunch, we all worked in the same area, but one large enough for each of us to keep our distance (as required by Covid 19 restrictions); the one where Yakon, Asparagus, Rhubarb, Strawberries, Skirret (tastes somewhat like parsnip), and Japanese parsley grow. 

Japanese Parsley

Also known as Mitsuba.


A couple of plants had self-seeded onto the path. I put one aside to bring home and grow but, alas, in my departure I completely forgot to collect it.


The tiny new stems are not long out of the ground.


Each of us kept our personal space wide.

By 3pm, despite 8 of us working on it, we hadn’t quite cleared the large area but most was done.

Another very satisfying day. And, as usual, a great learning experience in every moment.

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