Lian Tanner’s Facebook site has introduced me to a new meaning for the word ‘pushing’.

If you don’t know, you will need to watch a 23 minute video which records cave diving in the deepest cave in Australia – one located in Tasmania’s south west.

The film, a revelation at so many levels, starts with the question ‘what is left to explore’. Compelling. Spell binding. Thought provoking. And you must continue watching through the credits because, unexpectedly you will find, more is shown.

Associated with the film, a blog post titled Push Day provides additional information.


The Tasmanian government provides more about the Khazad-Dum cave.

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2 Responses to Pushing

  1. Interesting, but you wouldn’t catch me doing it!


    • I love the idea of it but, for me, the hesitation is my lack of flexibility and low fitness level. Mind you, managing fear would be a major part of going caving. Anyway I am disinclined to break bones and be in pain and they are highly possible risks.


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