First day back at RTBG

Great news – yesterday the Tasmanian Government and the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens (RTBG welcomed my gardening friends and I back to volunteer in the Community Food Garden. Today I am writing up that story and you can expect a report in tomorrow’s blog.

Long term blog followers may recall that this Tasmanian Discoveries blogsite has existed for some years, however I had not written a blog post each day until Covid 19 changed our lives and I was no longer permitted to volunteer at the RTBG. I vowed to continue to publish daily until I could return to the RTBG. Now after 182 days, the blog publications will transition from a torrent to a trickle – gradually. No longer should you expect to get your ‘regular morning fix’, as some readers have declared my blog posts to be. Initially there will be more posts published than just the once weekly RTBG report, but eventually I will settle back into a weekly reporting regime – unless I make an exciting discovery somewhere else in Tasmania which I feel compelled to write up.

Meanwhile I am in awe of others who continue to offer beautiful photos and ideas through their Facebook sites to keep our spirits raised during this pandemic: these include, Mary McA’s daily photographs ‘To brighten each day – morning memory of special places close to home…’; Chantale’s regular landscapes and art works, June’s connections to the TSO Daily Dose, Mary B’s La de Dardle Lauderdale landscapes, and Katie’s permaculture news. Fantastic contributions across social media. Thank you. I hope everyone knows someone who is making the world a better place during the restraints of our times, and can admire their efforts – and perhaps you are also achieving wonderful things during this time.

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