Planting a female and a male kiwi fruit

Seldom are jobs straight forward. But it all started well. Weeks ago R promised me her male kiwi fruit plant and recently she brought it to me.

Meanwhile, I purchased a female plant and K kindly bought it to me.

So I was all set. Happily so. Over the weeks I had time to consider the best placement of both plants and felt ready to dig and plant.

But first, holes needed to be dug for a rose, two currant bushes and a lavender bush elsewhere in my garden. Unfortunately there were roots from the trees on my neighbours side of the fence which needed cutting and removal, and there were no end of rocks of various sizes to be manhandled from the ground. Phew! Then I dug up the rose, and currant and lavender bushes and replanted them – that wasn’t too challenging! S had given me a black currant bush plant and I popped that into its new hole.

I dug out half a dozen yellow flowering Christmas lilies and gave them new homes amongst the bearded irises.

After much manoeuvring around roots and rocks I was able to make a hole for the female kiwi fruit and planted it.

Moving to the spot where I wanted to grow the male kiwi plant, I was confronted with the large compost bin. I lifted off the bin and was impressed with a 50cm deep pile of material sufficiently composted to be able to spread around some of my fruit trees – including the female kiwi fruit. That compost looked and felt luxurious.

Eventually the area was cleared, the lavender replanted elsewhere and now I only had one last hole to dig. Thankfully the last hole. Eventually the rocks were out, a space created and the male plant lowered in.

The final layer around a number of plants was the additional of pea straw as a protective mulch. Those jobs only took 4.5 Hours – well there was a bit of weeding included to give me a break from the digging and stone removal. All in day’s work eh!

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8 Responses to Planting a female and a male kiwi fruit

  1. Megan Kube says:

    You’re marvellous! All of that would have taken me 4.5 weeks, not 4.5 hours!!


    • Nah! Its a bit like my walkingthederwent experience – one foot after the other; one moment after the other and keep on doing. And then it is done. You are getting a great deal done these days and been getting a great deal done as well. Besides before you know it you will fall in love with vegetables and gardening and then you will be forever active. 🙂


  2. Katie K says:

    This is exciting Helen. Great to see them in the ground!


  3. Rocky says:

    Hello, I know this is an old post but I was wondering if you could share where you bought your Kiwi fruit plants from in Tasmania. I have been looking high and low in Hobart but to no avail. 😦


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