Successful bucks horn plantain mini plantation

Months ago in a blog post I reported that when I learnt our weed, buck shorn plantain (Plantago coronopus), was considered a salad ingredient in Italy, I dug up some from my lawn and planted them in a pot. One died but the rest survived the transplant. While they remained dormant over the short days of winter, now that spring is approaching with many days enjoying sunny warmth and with more daylight hours, my mini plantation is beginning to thrive.

These rosette style plants indicated I have alkaline soil underlying my lawn – and ph soil tests confirm that the soil is almost neutral but tending to alkalinity. Perhaps away from the natural alkaline soil and growing in a good composted potting mix, the new richer conditions may have been a shock initially. But now they look well established and very happy.

Recently I included some of my bucks horn plantain ‘produce’ in a mixed leaf salad for a lunch for friends. I suspect this ingredient was mild enough not to be noticed. No-one made a comment.

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