Permaculture gardening – part 2 of 3

Yesterday I introduced you to a garden that had been designed and created along permaculture lines. To help their garden’s health, E&S set up a worm farm. They used an old bath and built a holding support.


I appreciated the multiple purposes this construction could have – for example, potting table, outdoor seat, food table for outdoor gatherings. The ‘table’ top is hinged and lifts up.


Once the lid was raised we could see the minced vegetable scraps being devoured beneath a layer of protective cardboard. A bucket underneath the bath collected the liquid ‘gold’ for use as a fertiliser across the garden.



Dotted around the garden are white lids; these are the top of inground bins where more kitchen scraps are added and worms chomp away happily – their nutritious excrement flowing into the ground beneath.



Elsewhere a chicken coop stands proudly in the last stages of construction while a ‘run’ for the chooks around the garden edges is yet to be netted in.




I walked around and puzzled over where the door was. There did not seem to be one and that made no sense to me. Then S undid a latch and a whole wall swung back.


Super impressive!

The chicken run will extend around two sides of the property starting behind the coop.


It will finish in a large open area yet to be netted.


The scale and placement of this coop and run should produce healthy happy chooks; in turn they should lay superb eggs.

Tomorrow, a description of their embryo food forest awaits you.

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