Planning to grow vegetables

During the pandemic period I have joined numerous webinars on food, health, gardens, political science, financial affairs and much more – all from the ease of my own Tasmanian home.  How marvellous it has been to link with many such free offerings from the other side of this revolving Earth; including from the USA.

One of those offered a physical ‘take-home’ which could be useful for you or someone you know.

If you are someone who wants to start a veggie garden then reading Stacey Murphy’s comprehensive booklet ‘How to grow $400 worth of vegetables in 40 days’ may be a help. To access this you will need to use my email address as the user name – and password m2bAK7Uq.

Stacey Murphys veg booklet

For seasoned gardeners I have found the simple chart for companion plants to be really useful as well as a few other details in the book.

For my blog readers who are not from the USA (who I think are the vast majority) you may need to make some mental and practical adjustments. However there are lots of useful pieces of information to be read and absorbed.

Let me know if this link inspires you to start, or inspires you to rearrange and change your existing garden plans. Perhaps you can take photographs before, during the change, and after the change, email these to me and allow me to report on your successes here in this blog (see my email address above).

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