News from Woodbridge

R’s recent email updated me on their produce and southern Tasmanian garden. She says ‘the first photo is of A’s dessert at lunch time today which includes your persimmon (lovely colour) and our stewed quince, stewed peach and frozen cherries (which he loves). Yum!


Other photos to make you heart swell in appreciation of the glories of nature include a camellia flower, the more delicate colourings of hellebores, and the vibrancy of lavender as it seems to fly from the bushes.





R and A’s garden is laid out in boxed plots and very well organised.




A’s message is always to spend time on getting the compost to the best condition it can be in, and then feeding the soil. The photos clearly show the result is flourishing healthy vegetables. I think we all need an R and A in each of our gardens – well, certainly I need them in mine!

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