Tasting my version of pickled walnuts

Weeks ago I brined walnuts and raved about how tasty they were once dried – refer here.

Last week I tried my pickled walnuts (see my process here.) First I drained the liquid for use as a tasty salad dressing, then spread the nuts to dry.  The pickling created a uniform unappealing brown colour so that the fresh yellowish contrast on fresh walnuts was lost. Nevertheless eating these has been a great experience.

If I am given a glut of walnuts in their hard shells in the future, certainly I will shell and pickle more. Already I have dropped a few in salads, as well as eating an occasional tiny handful for a pick-me-up mid-afternoon.


Above: on the left is a jar of shelled walnuts, and on the right are the drying pickled walnuts.


Above: on the left is a jar of pickled walnuts and on the right a jar of shelled walnuts.

If you have been reading these blog posts for a while, you will know I missed the opportunity to use green walnuts and so experimented with the hard shell variety, once out of their shells.

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