A special walk in north east Tasmania

Weeks ago, A brought a large bag of quinces to my house and subsequently I wrote a couple of blog posts showing how I used them.

Now I am delighted to find he has participated in a wonderful adventure and written it up in his latest blog posts accompanied by a sensational pictorial story. Please give yourself a treat and have a look at these stories.

Delve into each of the three-part series here (wukalina / Mount William) and here (krakani lumi) and here (larapuna- Eddystone Point)


The black outline on this map of Tasmania provides a very rough approximation of where A’s walks took place.

The walk, on the north east of Tasmania, is on my bucket list because it will let me experience over three days, a different kind of landscape and vegetation than those with which I am familiar from my walk along the Derwent River to Lake St Clair, my experiences in parts of the Tarkine, and casual excursions into Tasmania’s south-west wilderness.  A’s photos are exceptional and tell a story which should prompt Tassie residents to plan to visit this beautiful area, and one rich in social histories.  Mainlanders and overseas would-be visitors, please add this to your must-do list.


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  1. Thanks for the share Helen 🙂👍


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