Quicksand is found not only in the movies

Recently I published this blog post on another of my blogs at touchingthetarkine.wordpress.com. For those who aren’t followers of that site I am publishing it anew here.

Tasmania’s coast between the Arthur and the Pieman rivers on the north west coast has treacherous real life swallowing quicksands. Four wheel drive vehicles and animals are particularly susceptible to these swimming sands.

ArthurtoPieman with arrows

Be informed by this piece of photo journalism produced by the ABC. Be warned of the dangers if you plan to motor, walk or ride along the beaches in that area.

Overall, I am saddened to think that the beaches are becoming graveyards for rusting vehicles poking through the surface of what would otherwise be a pristine edge of the Tarkine environment.

Thanks J for the pointer to this article.

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1 Response to Quicksand is found not only in the movies

  1. parkermccoy says:

    Wow! Thanks for the info! I have a feeling Norman Bates would enjoy this place since he could make cars…ahem…disappear. Haha.


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