Home gardens

A week or so ago I was delighted to find, on friend M’s Facebook site, photographs of some of her garden and its produce. This is a simple thing but monumental at the same time. I can feel her pleasure, a pleasure that all food growers have when the veggies pop up and grow. When they feed you.

She noted indian summer sort of day and a worthwhile gardening effort: the little pink violet reappears, an early early little crop of King Edwards for tea and lo and behold blessed be the self-sown broad beans which have survived drought flood fire and 30cm of mulch. They shall definitely inherit the earth.’

Marys pink flower

Marys potatoes

Marys broad beans

And not so long ago M recorded‘… while foraging for greens tonight 10,000 saw I at a glance; self-seeded perpetual green silver beets.

Marys Silver beet plants

It may be autumn going on winter when not much is expected to flourish, but the goodness of the earth continues to give.

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