Apple pie

What could be more comforting than apple pie at this time of the year? Our Hobart days have been gorgeous to look at –blue skies and sunshine on most days– but the cooling air has often meant rugging up when outside. So I can imagine why friend S used some of my Granny Smith apples to make pies for a hearty evening dessert.

2 apple pies

I asked S what the ingredients were for these glowing pies. She informed me there was ‘no added sugar in the apples or in the pastry. I cooked the apples first just to soften them. The pastry was short crust using half suet pastry mix and self-raising flour. Pastry on the bottom was sprinkled with wholemeal bread crumbs to absorb the excess juice so bottom didn’t go soggy. Made 2 pies. The suet pastry mix is available at Woolworths next to the stuffing mixes about $5.95 a box. I had the oven on at 195 C and cooked them for about 25 mins. Now they have all gone and I made an extra one on Sunday. A regular winter comfort food, lashings of steaming custard to go with it, a very English thing.’

I loved the idea of the breadcrumbs to soak up moisture. With all the foods I have been creating lately, pies have not been on my list. No idea why. Therefore S’s pies are an inspiration. Thanks S.

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2 Responses to Apple pie

  1. wilfredbooks says:

    It feels more like autumn here in England at the moment, so hot apple pie [or crumble] with lashings of steaming custard sounds like a very attractive idea! Cheers, Jon.


    • Heavens sakes has the world weather gone mad. There is no predictability about it any longer. We had the wettest month in May for many years – I was so used to it being dry (and it was a lot of the time – but when it rained it was torrential) that the new ground wetness is a surprise. And now we are having cold mornings the like of which would normally not start until July. So perhap apple crumbles and pies are for every season for all of us in the future. But will the trees know?


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