A neighbour had Bromeliad plants to give away. I had never grown or owned one so accepted a plant, and then set about determining the conditions in which they grow best. A number of sites offered clues: among these were the Gardening Clinic, Bromeliads Plant Care and Gardening Australia.

My plant was growing with two stalks so I cut these, then filled two pots with a mix of open composted bark, straw and soil so that it was a suitable resting place for the Bromeliad stalks and one which will drain easily. I clipped off parts of damaged leaves, then added them into their pots. In our windy environment I was concerned the bromeliads might topple over because I did not tamp down the soil mix tightly. Now they are tied to stakes for as long as it takes for them to establish and become firmly rooted into the potting mixture.



Because they have lived outdoors previously, I am hopeful that I can leave them outside over winter without damage. However, I am prepared to protect them if frosts are expected.

I wonder what colour their growing stalks and then the flowers will be. Have a look at this video to give you some idea of the variety of Bromeliads.

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2 Responses to Bromeliads

  1. Terry M says:

    I have them growing self sown in the NW of Tasmania. They pop up everywhere including gaps in the sealed driveway !


    • How wonderful. I was surprised when one bedraggled and half alive one of mine has grown a pup which I am nurturing. Maybe I might have more in the future – but is dry here compared to your climate and I forget to water. Cheers


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